Where did your donations go?

Your support of the PTO is critical in helping us provide needed resources and support for Riverdale. When you choose to support the PTO through annual membership and fundraising throughout the year, we are able to accomplish great things.

This year, your Riverdale PTO proudly provided….

  • $50 for classroom supplies to every teacher, an additional $75 for new Riverdale teachers to spend on classroom supplies, and $25 for all support staff ($4,489.95)

  • Additional Teacher Professional Development ($5,400.00)

  • Accelerated Reader Store prizes and year end trophies, medals ($3,750.00)

  • 21st Century Classroom Furniture ($7,500.00)

  • Arts in the School - Choir, Band, Orchestra, Art Department, Raider Theater, Citizenship Essay Contest, Fine Arts Night Contest & Supplies ($2,600.00)

  • Kindergarten Butterfly Kits ($72)

  • Ink for the copiers ($4,000)

  • Faculty Appreciation ($500)

  • Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher Birthday Treats, Snack Cart Supplements ($771)

  • Summer Reading Party & Book Fair ($185)

  • GMSD Day on the Hill Field Trip ($237)

  • 8th Grade Graduation ($752)

  • Kindergarten End of Year Program ($143.25)

  • Teacher Back to School Luncheon & Luncheon Supplementals ($1, 616.00)

  • Care Support/Benevolent Fund ($300)

  • Clinic ($300)

  • Teacher Wish List Items ($2,718.37)

  • First Grade Literacy Center ($65)

  • Euphonium and Tuba for Band ($2,190)

  • Printer for Orchestra ($275)

  • Smart Cart Supplies for OT/PT Students to use ($150)

And so much more!!  Thank you to our Riverdale Families for your continued AMAZING support of the PTO!!!!